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ASA Home Soccer Development

This week, instead of our own video I have attached some video links and a worksheet that will aid in the development of our players.

The Soccer Basics video below is one of the best I have seen to help youth players understand key soccer concepts of positioning and movement. I highly recommend watching a couple of times as there is a lot of great information.

Positioning and Movement Breakdown Video

For the younger guys and girls the video below shows the best goals of the current Premier League season. Let them enjoy and maybe pick which one they think is the best.

After watching, ask them in which part of the goal were most points scored? Hopefully they would have noticed the majority (not all) we scored in the corners of the goal away from the goalkeeper.

Best Goals of the Season

This worksheet is more for the older kids to help decision making when passing. Being able to make good decisions quickly not only allows the player more time to perform the pass they select, but it also keeps your opponent on the backfoot giving them less time to analyze and respond to the situation.

Your children may be able to identify more than one passing option in the given scenarios. If this is the case, have them tell you why they would choose one over the other.

We are aiming for the players to spot the player who is in the most open space. But as long as they are able to give a sound rationale as to why they would play a different pass, really there are no wrong answers.

Hope everyone is well!
Coach Ross

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