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At home practice

With schooling and activities being suspended due to COVID-19 we wanted to take the opportunity to share some links to soccer practices that can be completed independently and at home.

On the ASA YouTube page we have skills videos that are able to be performed indoors as well as outdoors for all ages and skill levels.

Below are the recommendations for age brackets, but as soon as your child feels comfortable with the level and can complete the skills at speed they can move up to the next level.

Level 1 – U6
Level 2 – U8
Level 3 – U10
Level 4 – U12
Level 5 – U14

In addition, these are some useful links from YouTube to keep your soccer stars busy.

Slalom Dribble Patterns – These can be completed indoors as well as outdoors. (Tip: use balled up socks if you do not have access to cones).

Ghost Moves – These are perfect for indoor activity. The players work without actually touching the ball, focusing on body movement and positioning.

Wall Work – For those who have access to a rebounder, a wall with some space or even a willing parent (who can take the place of the wall).

Just 10 minutes a day working on any of these skills and I can guarantee your child’s footwork ability will be better by the end of the week.

Hope this helps keep our players active and entertained.

Coach Ross
ASA Director of Coaching.

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