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Fiona Mahan: Representing her country and community

Avonworth Soccer is now in full swing this fall, but for one special Avonworth athlete, futsal is front and center. As many of you know, futsal is sweeping the USA and is already hugely popular world-wide. ASA strongly believes futsal is a powerful tool in developing foot skills as well as delivering and receiving passes in tight, high pressure situations. This is old news for Fiona Mahan. Anybody that’s ever watched Fiona tear it up on the soccer field certainly wouldn’t be surprised to know that
her natural talent was significantly enhanced by playing futsal. So, would it surprise anybody to know that Fiona has just made the National Futsal Team? That’s right, and ASA  had a chance to catch up with Fiona en route to another grueling training session this week.

ASA: Fiona, congratulations on this great honor! How does it make you feel to make this elite squad?

Fiona: I feel great about making the team and the opportunities it gives me!

ASA: That’s super cool, Fiona! Can you tell us a little more about how you made the National Futsal Team?

Fiona: So, I played locally for a team called Barbarian FC  and they felt I was good enough to try out for a regional futsal squad. After making the regional team, I went to Kansas to try out for the National Team and I made it!

ASA: Wow! You traveled all the way to Kansas to compete for this honor and you did it. Amazing! Would you mind sharing some of the differences between futsal and soccer?

Fiona: Soccer is played on a much bigger field with a lot more players. Futsal is played with a slightly smaller, heavier ball with fewer players and on a hard surface. In Futsal, you have to make faster decisions and really handle the ball well in tight spaces.

ASA: Got it! Obviously, success doesn’t come without sacrifice. Would you mind sharing some of the extra hard work you put in to make the National Team?

Fiona: Sure! Before I went to Kansas I spent hours out in my driveway practicing my moves to beat other players one on one.

ASA: Nice work. Do you play any sports that don’t require you kicking a ball?

Fiona (laughing): Yeah, I also like playing basketball.

ASA: Well Fiona, we really appreciate you sharing your amazing story with the Avonworth soccer community. We are incredibly proud of you and wish you all the best as you compete on the National Futsal Team!

Fiona: My Pleasure!


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