ASA Needs Referees!

Both adults and students are encouraged to get certified. This is a great opportunity for you to earn a little extra spending money as well as enjoy a passion for soccer.

Most games are on Saturdays and Sunday afternoons.  You must be 14 years of age or older to become a certified referee.

Click Here for Info and Steps To Become a US Soccer Referee.

Contact Shawn Dugan with questions about referees at


New Referee Pay Scale

Avonworth is dedicated to attracting and retaining top soccer referees!  Current Fees as of 2021.

  • U10:  $25 Center, $20 AR ($65 Total)
  • U11-U13:  $35 Center, $25 AR ($85 Total)
  • U14:  $40 Center, $30 AR ($100 Total)
  • U15:  $60 Center, $40 AR ($140 Total)
  • U16-U19:  $80 Center, $50 AR ($180 Total)


Referee Resources

GameOfficials – Login to Scheduling / Assignment Referee Platform

Laws of the Game – Official FIFA Laws and PA West Rules

Lightning Procedures – Information on stopping, delaying, & restarting games due to Lightning

PA West Referee – Official Site for PA West Referees

Recertification Process – Official Link to recertify your referee license each year

Certification Process – Official Link on steps required to become a NEW referee

Referee Training Videos – Youtube Referee Training Videos

Referee Uniform Requirements – Information on official referee uniform requirements and accessories