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Submitting Coaching Clearances

Coaches must first secure their child protection clearances from the respective state agencies. For more information first refer to the Coaching Clearances page.

Once you have obtained your clearances, you should submit them to PA West and notify ASA.

Submitting to PA West

PA West uses their existing “registration” system to submit these documents.  Think of this as registering as a coach.  Coaches who wish to be assigned to teams at the U11 and above MUST complete the registration process with PA West.

1.  Go to the following website:  http://www.pawest-soccer.org/coaching/risk_management/
2.  Click on the “Click Here” link next to the words “To Access PA West Soccer’s Online Risk Management Portal”.  (There is also a link for “instructions” on this page you can review.)
3. On the next page click on “To Begin Registration Click Here
4.  Login using the same username/password you used to register for soccer with ASA.
5.  Select yourself and click “Register as Coach/Admin
6.  Complete the registration process.  You will need to upload the three documents identified on the Coaching Clearances page.
7. Once you receive notice from PA West that your clearances are approved, please forward the approval email to ASA so we can update our records.


Submitting to ASA

Avonworth Soccer Association also runs our own programs outside of those offered by PA West – particularly the Futures program for ages U6 and U8.  Coaches who plan to participate in coaching only at these levels can send all three clearance documents directly to board@avonworthsoccer.org.

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