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Week 4 ASA Home Training Program

Below is the link for this week’s activity: The Trash Can challenge – the aim is to be as creative as possible with the skills that the players have and to get the soccer ball to land inside the trash can.

The moves used in the video can be repeated if the players wish but it was more to serve as inspiration. I would like to see what they can come up with!

For those stuck for ideas, you can try a 1 touch strike from a pass, a backheel, a volley, a rebound off of a wall. Literally anything counts except for the use of hands!

Trash Bin Challenge

Remember – to see the most improvement in any activity it requires practice and repetitions. So please revisit the previous weeks’ activities to get more touches on the ball. If your child is now comfortable with these skills have them increase the speed.

Indoor Footskills U6/U8
Indoor Footskills U10/U12

Slalom Dribble Patterns U6/U8
Slalom Dribble Patterns U10/U12

Dribbling and Change of Direction U6/U8
Dribbling and Changing Direction U10/U12

Coach Ross

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