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Week 5 ASA Home Training Program

This week is all about improving accuracy with a variety of techniques that can be used within any game.

Accuracy helps build confidence for players, it allows for more goals when striking but importantly that they trust they will put the ball where they want it to go.

Below is the link for this week’s program

Accuracy Challenge
You can pick and choose one or multiple of the strikes /passes in the video to work on, or if you want you can work on them all.

I used soccer balls as my targets but feel free to be creative – use boxes, mini goals if you have them, wash baskets, trash cans, larger water bottles, anything you are happy for a ball to hit!

I recommend U6 start at 5 yards, U8 at 8 yards and U10 and above at 10 yards from their targets.
As they are able to consistently hit their targets, add more distance as you feel it is needed.

Players will be FAR more successful when they look up to see the target they are aiming at, prior to looking at the ball whilst making the actual pass/strike.

Please continue to share your videos with the Avonworth Soccer Home Highlights Group –  I love to see them and it encourages other players to participate.

Coach Ross

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