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Winter Futsal Registration Open Until 1/3/2017

Winter Futsal registration continues until 1/2/2017! Click Here to Register!


What is Futsal?
It is basically soccer on a gym floor. It is a little bit like basketball with your feet. The kids use a ball that is slightly smaller and heavier than a soccer ball, but you still try to score in a goal. The ball rolls away pretty fast on a gym floor so kids get very good at controlling it with their feet. It is great for foot skill development that translates completely over to soccer.

Where will we play?
All games and practices will be at the Avonworth High School and Middle School gyms this year. We are running an Academy that will focus on player development and will include weekly Futsal games. Our teams will not be traveling to locations in Sewickley, Pine or Fox Chapel this year.

When are the games and practices?
All games and practices will be on Sundays between 12:00 and 6:00. The exact schedule is still being worked out.

Will we be playing “real” games?
We know many of our players like playing competitive games with referees and scoring. We plan to provide this as part of the academy. Games will have paid officials from our high school soccer programs. This also has the benefit of providing employment opportunity for older kids in the community.

Why aren’t we playing in a league?
Historically, the Avonworth teams are not competitive in the “official” Futsal leagues like Total Futsal. Avonworth provides teams for all levels of play which is not typical. Most teams in the Futsal leagues are “select” teams that are put together by parents and not organization-sponsored. Our experience in these leagues has not been great, and it has not been good for player development which is our primary goal. These leagues are still available to parents who want to organize select teams themselves. We don’t anticipate a major conflict between those leagues and our programs.

Who can play?
We have registration open for ages 5-14 and anticipate having programs for all age groups subject to sufficient enrollment.

Will we get crushed playing other teams?
No. We may establish teams for scheduling reasons, but we intend to foster an environment that is educational and fun with teams as balanced as possible.

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