About Us

ASA Mission Statement

Avonworth Soccer Association (ASA) provides the youth of the Avonworth and Northgate communities with opportunities to have fun while developing as soccer players and athletes. ASA players gain the important experiences of being part of a team, of being coached, and of competing. Through soccer we encourage values of good sportsmanship, courtesy and respect for others, working hard to improve, and always trying your best.

Board of Directors

Chris Hayes President chris.hayes@avonworthsoccer.org
Greg Bevington Vice President greg.bevington@avonworthsoccer.org
Erika Langford Secretary erika.langford@avonworthsoccer.org
Matt Keller Treasurer matt.keller@avonworthsoccer.org
Derek Jeremias Registrar derek.jeremias@avonworthsoccer.org
Shawn Dugan Referee Assignor shawn.dugan@avonworthsoccer.org
Jessica Boyd Director at Large / Futures Commissioner jessica.boyd@avonworthsoccer.org
Bill Petrina Director at Large / Equipment bill.petrina@avonworthsoccer.org
Jessica Garavaglia Director at Large / Uniforms jessica.garavaglia@avonworthsoccer.org
Presley Kelleher Director at Large / Field Coordinator presley.kelleher@avonworthsoccer.org
Mark Ziegler Director at Large / Field Lining mark.ziegler@avonworthsoccer.org
Dan Mulligan Director at Large dan.mulligan@avonworthsoccer.org