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ASA Goalkeeper Training – Register Today (Begins 9/17-Friday)

Hello ASA Goalkeepers!!

We hope you had an amazing summer and want to inform you of our fall goalkeeper training options starting Friday, September 10.  Currently, the sessions are split into an older and younger training group (2009s and older & 2010s and younger).
This fall, both groups will be training on Friday nights at the Ohio Township Municipal Fields across from Eden Christian.
  • Dates – Friday September 17 – Friday, November 5  (8 sessions)
  • 5:15 – 6:15 pm = younger group (2010 and younger)
  • 6:15 – 7:15 pm = older group  (2009 and older)
Note: we scheduled training times a little earlier due to daylight.
These trainings are designed for the ASA goalkeepers to work on their technical skills along with tactical abilities..  Below, you will find our outline for this fall’s training sessions and the topics we will cover each session.
  • September  17   – shot stopping, catching and rebound control
  • September  24  – shot stopping at angles (ball line, goal arc, positioning)
  • October 1  – one on ones (when the GK can win the ball, when they get to the ball at the same time as the striker, stalking, committing to the ball, hand positions, communication involved)
  • October 8  – one on ones (when the GK can NOT win the ball, stalking, proper adjusted set position, hand position, communication involved)
  • October  15   – crosses (cut back on the ground and in the air, catching, rebound control,  proper movement, adjusted set position, communication involved)
  • October  22   – crosses from wide areas (catch vs box, proper movement, adjusted set position, communication involved)
  • October  29   – distribution & playing with the ball at their feet (throw, 1/2 volley, full volley, side volley, 1 & 2 touch with the ball at their feet)
  • November 5 – Compete
We try to end all sessions with competition to allow your goalkeepers to practice these techniques in a live environment.
We look forward to working with all of your goalkeepers during our sessions and please encourage them to attend!  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.
Cost: $75 for 8 Week Program
Thank you,
Erik Eisenhut

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