Lenzner U12 Field Setup

Lenzner U12 Field Setup

When playing U12 games on the Lenzner turf field at Avonworth High School we need to use the smaller portable goals, and the field needs to be made smaller.  Below you will find the field layout and dimensions for playing U12 games at Lenzner. The U12 goals will be stored in the shed at Ohio Township Park.  If you are the first U12 game of the day at Lenzner you will need to pick up the following items from the shed:

  • 2 large portable U12 goals
  • Yellow field markers – straight and corner pieces

Use the following guide to set up the field:  9v9 Avonworth High School Field Layout

Please give yourself 20-30 minutes extra to set up the field.  It is also very helpful to have at least 1 parent volunteer to assist.

After the game if you are the last team that will use this equipment, it is your responsibility to return the goals and field markers back to the shed at Ohio Township Park.

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